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Naturally Soft

Richard’s Rainwater ain’t no fancy name for something it’s not. It’s REAL rain, captured before it hits the ground. With a hardness of zero, it tastes like water ought to. Some folks claim that because it’s so soft, it’s easier to swallow than harder waters.

World’s First

Bottling rainwater was the brainstorm of Richard Heinichen (pronounced like the the beer, but less famous…for now!) It took two years of hoop jumping for the powers-that-be to give his innovative idea their stamp of approval (aka public water supply number 105133.)

Triple Filtered, RO Polished

We transform raw rainwater into fresh-squeezed cloud juice with our award-winning process, culminating in the ultimate purification: reverse osmosis.

Aged 4.5 Billion Years

It’s old! It’s fresh! Generally speaking, all water is rainwater. Where it’s caught in its endless cycle makes all the difference in how it tastes. Richard’s Rainwater never hit the ground.

Just Add Bubbles:
Easier Said Than Done

Several years ago, Richard decided to brew up some fizzy Cloud Juice. He only added three ingredients to his rainwater: time, temperature, and pressure. After much tinkering, he finally got the persnickety trio to harmonize. The result proved so effervescent it just had to be named Happy Water.

Your Local Topo

The lavish abundance of bubbles in Happy Water—not to mention the absence of salt or minerals—make it a great mixer. Of course, it’s super refreshing all on its own. Just don’t drink it warm or it’ll come out your nose.

Meet Richard

Richard initially fell in love with rainwater after he installed a whole-house collection system at his own home in 1994.   He began installing systems for other people out in the hill country and one day, while working on a hot, dusty jobsite, he grew so thirsty for rainwater that he drove all the way home to fill his thermos from his own faucet. That’s when he decided everyone, even city slickers, deserved the great taste of rain. Cloud Juice was born. He recently passed the reins on system installations to another company, Harvest Rain, and now devotes himself fulltime to bottling Richard’s Rainwater and Happy Water at his award-winning plant, recently christened Fizz City.

Make Your Last Beer a Happy Water!

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